Company profile

Tethys BV is an upcoming and fast growing company in the ICT sector in The Netherlands. Tethys was established in 1998 and is specialised in custom-made applications of wireless data communication linked to Global Positioning System (GPS). The core competence of Tethys is research to develop prototypes, models and procedures. For the production and distribution of end-user products, Tethys generally co-operates with network partners.

Tethys is a flexible organization, centred around high level knowledge and creativity, capable of rapidly anticipating developments in the market. High level quality and reliability are keywords not only in developing custom-made applications, but also in relationship management. Tethys thinks along with the clients about their problems and applies a theoretical as well as a practical approach to solve problems. This has resulted in a considerable number of highly satisfied and reputable customers in a relative short period of time (see also
list of references).

The range of potential customers is broad and diverse. In fact, Tethys is able to meet the needs of any organization that can benefit from GSM-GPS applications. In particular, one can think of organisations in the transportation sector, agricultural sector, security sector, and retailer sector may be thought of.